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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 26, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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58 degrees below zero. i wonder if they eventually got on that plane? i wouldn't. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, november 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a massive nor'easter threatening the bigiest travel day of the year, snow and ice disrupting thanksgiving plans for millions. hundreds of flights are already canceled. you're going to want to check yours. maria molina is tracking the storm straight ahead just for you. >> pretty much everybody is awake right now. overnight more violence flares in the streets of ferguson, missouri as the officer at the center of it all breaks his silence on television. >> i can feel his hand trying to come over my hand and [inaudible] and try to she me with my own gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> why officer darren wilson says he was just
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doing what he was trained to do. >> he's the motivational speaker who inspired no one? >> you people are here trying to do a good jb. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it, and neither do you. >> that is not norman vincent peale. was the smoking clown invited back to burn through more taxpayer cash at another g.s.a. convention? i know i was going to get the smoking clown video. mornings are better with friends. >> nothing says thanksgiving week like a smoking clown. >> that does it right there for you, the rainbow wig. >> ready for a big, big day? >> it is a big day. a lot happening overnight. more violence erupting in
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ferguson. take a look at the police car here. it was actually set on fire. >> it was. and a bunch of people were arrested as well. joining us live from ferguson with the breaking details, once again our man adam housely. adam, a quieter night but the national guard was out in full force? >> they were steve. i'm going to give you a live look and then we'll show the video from last night and explain the dinners. first of all, a live look, we're in old town ferguson. this is where the police and fire station are. as you pan around you can see this road is now open. it was here where the protesters gathered last night. let's go to the video last night. we can show you they set a car on fire. they originally started outside the police station and fire station. they then dispersed a little bit and then walked down the street and hit businesses that had not been torched or van daldized -- vandalized the night before.
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they tried to torch the car. one guy set himself on fire with a molotov cocktail. that is about the time the police and national guard stepped in and stopped it. more than 40 people were arrested. a lot of people in ferguson are saying why didn't they do that the night before and defuse it before it got more out of control. it seems like they took control at that point and within a few minutes started to get the crowd knocked down in size. there were a few more skirmishes but the good news is that was basically the extent of the violence here. driving around this morning as compared to last night and the night before, there is a significant presence of national guard troops around not only ferguson but st. louis. i was in downtown last night checking the area out around 8:00 or 9:00. outside every major courthouse or building that had anything to do that was official you would see a humvee with guards standing outside or near it. they definitely have control of this area.
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the question is for a lot of people we spoke to last night and again this morning is why didn't they do this response the first night? why did they wait to do that kind of response last night. that's the big question. >> we watched the governor last night tell everybody i had the national guard but they were in different locations. now we have more that are actually going to be in protecting the stores. i just don't understand what's going on there. it makes me think when the lieutenant governor goes after the governor there is a real political problem and a lot of people lost their businesses because -- >> indeed. adam, thank you very much. >> all right. at the crux of all of what is going on in ferguson, missouri, was the struggle between officer darren wilson and michael brown on that day in august. we have not heard from mr. wilson so far until last night. he sat down with george stephanopoulos in ferguson, missouri. abc got the exclusive rights to the interview.
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apparently they did not pay him any money but here he is, officer wilson, explaining what happened that day. >> he threw the first punch? >> yes. he threw the first one and hit me in the last side of my face. >> some of the witnesses said they saw you trying to pull him into the car? >> [inaudible] training ever taught the law enforcement. i thought the immense power he had and the way i described it it was like a five-year-old going against hulk hogan. that is how big this man was. [inaudible] i'm going to shoot you. his response, he grabbed my gun. his response was you're too much of a [bleep] to shoot me. i could feel his hand try to shoot me with my own gun. that is when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> why not stay in the car? he's running away? >> my job isn't to just sit and wait. i have to see where this guy goes. >> you felt it was your duty to give chase? >> yes, it was. that is what we were trained to do. when he stopped he turned and faced me.
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as he does that his right hand immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is at his side and he starts charging me. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> i didn't know. my initial thought was was there a weapon in there? >> even though he had not pulled anything the first time he confronted you? >> it was unknown. >> some of the witnesses said at that moment he turned around, he turned around and put his hands up. >> incorrect. >> no way? >> no way. >> people come off saying he looks cold. the daily news says he's cold as ice. >> i thought he looked young, young as could be. >> i just thought he was telling a story as he remembered it. >> that's the closest we've come to hearing any sort of accounting. we saw pictures come through yesterday. we hear his accounts last night. he went on to actually talk about the heart under his badge and the remorse he feels and what he would say to michael brown's family. take a listen and look. >> the brown family came
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out with a statement last night where they said we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions. what do you think when you hear that? >> i think those are grieving parents mourning the loss of their son. not only that they could say -- again, i'm sorry that their son lost their life. it wasn't the intention of that day as to what occurred that day, and there's no, nothing you can say that's going to make a parent feel better. >> it sounds like you don't think you were responsible? >> i did my job that day. >> do you feel any remorse? >> everyone feels remorse when a life's lost. i might have told you before i never wanted to take anybody's life. you know, that's not the good part of the job. that's the bad part of the job. so, yes, there is remorse. >> he essentially went on to say basically he was going to kill me or i was going to kill him.
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>> and the grand jury believed his testimony that it was a case of, a clear case of self-defense. he also revealed that that was the first time he ever, ever used his gun during the job aside from target practice and stuff like that. nonetheless, there's been a great deal of interest. we know that we saw the ratings, we know a lot of you people are interested in this. we're all interested in it. bernie goldberg was on with bill o'reilly last night and talked about how some people are trying to make this a black-white thing, a civil rights case. how does bernie feel about it? listen to him. >> more than a few journalists especially on television are trying to turn this into a civil rights story, but you know what? ferguson, missouri, is not selma, alabama. 2014 is not 1965. and michael brown is not emmitt till or medgar evers
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or any other black person shot by a white big got. michael brown that day stole stuff from a convenience store and roughed up the owner who was half his side. michael brown thought he would get away, according to the grand jury, with roughing up a cop. he brought about his own demise. it is a tragedy when any 18-year-old is killed and especially for the parents. we certainly sympathize with that. but michael brown was the bad guy in this case, and please, american, let's not turn this kid into some kind of civil rights marytr, because that he is not. >> also others pointing out that there have been 244 teens that have been killed in chicago. the major networks along with other cable news outlets here have not been covering that. the majority of those are black males. no word said about that death toll. yet the focus here of course. really asking for equal opportunity when it comes to advocacy for these young black males. >> sure. to bernie's point, keep in
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mind it seems the grand jury agreed with essentially the testimony we just saw the officer give george stephanopoulos and decided not to indict. they apparently, there were many witnesses but a least a half dozen african-american witnesses came forward and affirmed what officer wilson said. on some of the channels it has been very clear to them what happened, but you listen to him, you make your own decision. the grand jury, though, ultimately decided that there wasn't enough there to send him to trial. >> the investigation continues at the federal level. the president yesterday goes out to speak about immigration, gets interrupted quite on. before he does that, kind of ripped about what this means, what this trial means and he understands the frustration of these communities. did point out in a very slow, modulated tone that this is not the way to act. he said these acts are illegal and felonies and looting, obviously. so we'll see where we go with this. >> let us know what you think when you hear officer wilson speaking. e-mail us, tweet us, tell
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us what your reaction was listening to the officer speak about shooting michael brown. >> the huffington post rights the b.s. meter was off the charts. the daily news says cold as ice. what is your impression because this is the first time most of us have seen him talk. >> he said it was him or me. >> the other thing making headlines is the weather because it is thanksgiving eve and travel plans are being broken right now many >> sorry tort bearer of -- sorry to be the bearer of bad news. a massive nor easter is packing heavy snow and rain pounding our country at this very hour. 200 flights already canceled. thousands more delays are expected. new york's la guardia airport, jfk, newark and washington reagan national being hit the hardest this morning. triple a is estimating 46 million people will try to travel 50 miles or more on
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this thanksgiving holiday. a new case of home grown terror in minnesota. two men indicted for aiding isis, one an 18-year-old stopped at an airport on his way to the middle east. now his lawyers say investigators str it all wrong -- investigators have it all wrong. >> this young man is far from being a threat to anyone. he is not one of the organizers. >> the other suspect slipped past the f.b.i. he's now fighting for isis in syria. some community leaders say that prosecutors are going after the wrong guys. >> [inaudible] the kid was brain washed. why not go after the big guys? >> authorities estimate a dozen minnesota residents traveled to syria to fight with isis within the last year. a top contender to succeed defense secretary chuck hagel just dropped out of the running, but a new name has just come into the mix.
3:13 am
michele flournoy taking herself out of contention. sources say she wants to be hillary clinton's pentagon chief. as for the new name floating around reports say homeland security chief jeh johnson being considered for the job. he is a former general counsel for the d.o.d. those my friends are our headlines. back to you guys. >> thank you, ainsley. >> sorry. i just don't like ainsley: >> brian, you're fired. >> coming up on this wednesday that actually feels kind of like a friday, attention passengers. we need you to push the plane. that's right. what went wrong forcing all those people out into the below zero temperatures to push the jet. >> then defense secretary chuck hagel is out. who will replace him? pete hegseth is here live with his topic. >> i pick pete.
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officially defense secretary chuck hagel resigned but many say he was fired over tensions with the white house when he said this. >> isil is a sophisticated and well-funded as any
3:18 am
group that we have seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. this is beyond anything that we've seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> joining us right now to weigh in, pete hegseth. he is a fox news contributor and president of concerned veterans for america. pete, first off, we know that michele flournoy, we thought she was going to get the job or at least get nominated for the job, is now out. we know others like senator reid is now out. so who is in? >> good question. they mentioned jeh johnson and that would be your insider type pick, somebody already close to the president, would lean towards -- >> he's a lawyer? >> he's not a war fighter, not a typical defense chief. but at this point they're closing ranks around folks that are loyal to the president. who would want the job right now is the problem. after you mow through three defense secretaries, shouldn't we be asking maybe it's not them? maybe it's me. maybe the president should
3:19 am
be asking am i the one pushes them out because of my ridiculous policies. i would say someone like petraeus but been through the ringer. i would throw out h.r. mcmaster, led the fight in talifar, a thoughtful guy, soldier's soldier. >> evidently the president said what are your ideas chuck hagel for fighting isis, and basically he was radio silent. >> turns out being antiwar buddies in the senate is not enough of a resume to be a good defense secretary. that is how these guys grew together. they were antiwar folks in the senate. then he shows up, has to fight senate and turns out to be a tough enemy and the president says not so much. >> let's talk about the v.a. someone is getting fired and it is sharon hellman. she is the latest. what do you think? is she a symbol or does she
3:20 am
deserve it? >> she deserves it. 270 days too late. $90,000 paid administrative leave later. sharon hellman is finally gone. not going to fix everything but for those who followed this closely -- and i know you guys have -- she covered up the secret list from the beginning. the fact that it took nine months to fire her is indicative of how bad the v.a. is. >> there's about 30 other people that could be fired as well. thanks, pete, we'll see what happens in the next few days, who gets nominated. when that person gets nominated they're going to have to defend the iraq policy and isis policy. a top democrat has regrets when it comes to obamacare. >> we took their mandate and put our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. >> details of the major about-face from the third most important senator on the democratic side. plus the holiday travel season now in full gear and that means there's a good chance you're going to get
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time now for some headlines on this day before thanksgiving. first up, france has decided it may not be in the world's best interest to sell a high-tech war ship to russia. this $1.2 billion heli carrier originally due to be handed offense last month but now the french president hollande is suspending delivery. while you are spending thanksgiving with your family, a group of military members are spending it in ebola isolation.
3:25 am
the 15 service members and one defense department civilian just returning from liberia to fight the deadly disease. none of them they think were exposed to ebola patients and they have no symptoms. nonetheless they're taking precautions. and that's the news. >> thank you, steve. this thanksgiving more than 46 million people are expected to hit the road or the skies to see family and friends and chances are you just might get sick. that is unless you follow some simple steps we're about to share. our emergency nurse erin joins us. holiday germs are out there. what are some of the things we can do to avoid getting sick? >> first of all, when you get on the airplane even though it might be a little bit chilly in the cabin, turn on the air vent. if you turn it on low or medium it knocks some of those germs away from your face. you want the airstream blowing in front of your nose and mouth. put your hands in your lap, if you can feel it blowing on you it is probably in the right position.
3:26 am
>> that way it blows the germs from the germy guy next to me away. >> do you always call the flight attendant instead of putting the light on? >> it is the round one. you twist. you say the stuff on the plane is dirty. there have been other people on the plane, unless you're flying private before. >> bring your own pillow or blanket or roll up your sweatshirt. don't use those provided by the airlines. one study shows they're only washed every five to 30 days. you can imagine how many people are using those things. >> like 46 million people exchanging location in traveling those blankets have got to accumulate something. >> even though you take it out of the flsa particular bag it's been -- out of the plastic bag it's been used before? >> yes. those have been washed probably not as well as we'd like. >> what do you say we should bring? for example, wipes? >> i don't leave without
3:27 am
antibacterial wipes? >> bring antibacterial wipes with you on the plane. those tray tables, 60% of them have staph on them. >> can you say that again? >> 60%. >> have staph? >> if you have an open wound and you touch it, you could get a skin infection, sometimes that can result in complications. just as a comparison, only 11% of subway surfaces in new york city have staph on them. these are very, very infectious surfaces. >> also avoid motion sickness? how? people are traveling on cars and jets. >> children ages 2 to 12 are most prone to this. a lot of times they are not tall enough to see out of the windows of a car. they don't have the coping skills to look over the horizon. ditch the video games, ditch the d.v.d. that is a little bit of overstimulation for kids prone to car sickness. use music. give them headphones
3:28 am
instead. >> the wheels on the bus go round, round, round. >> there are medications fortunately for kids to, ages 2 and up can take dramine. for adults your doctor can prescribe a patch. >> thank you very much. erin tolbert is going to fly back to nashville. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> meanwhile, he's the motivational speaker who inspired no one. >> you people are here trying to do a good job; don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it, and neither do you. >> was the smoking clown invited back to burn through more of our taxpayer cash at another g.s.a. convention? say it ain't so. >> speaking of cigarettes,
3:29 am
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we have breaking news out of the st. louis area. hanley hills, missouri, five miles from ferguson. two f.b.i. agents have reportedly been shot according to the local fox affiliate there. we are told their injuries are not life threatening. i understand one was shot in the shoulder. >> we're told they should
3:33 am
be okay. these are live pictures you're looking at now of the scene. the agents were shot serving a search warrant which was followed by some sort of hostage situation. it's unknown if this is related to the protests in ferguson that we've been seeing. >> the suspect is still barricaded inside the house at this hour. we understand he's wanted for the murder of his mother and for shooting another officer. we'll keep you updated as we get more information. >> that in hanley hills, which is near st. louis, missouri. >> on the busiest day of travel this year, we have more for you. a massive nor'easter is about to slam the northeast with rain and snow. >> that storm already putting a damper on thanksgiving travel with 200 flights canceled so far this morning. thousands of more delays are expected later today. >> maria molina promised to track this storm. maria, have you decided to answer the call and track this storm? >> yes, i am ready. i'm here. we already have the rain just starting across parts
3:34 am
of knocks. really the northeast starting to get some of the moisture from the storm system. you can see areas of heavy rain across georgia, florida and caroline nasp. some of the higher elevations of virginia and wrve seeing snow -- and west virginia seeing snow coming down. later on today in new york city as the storm intensifies, tracks up the coast it should be pulling in colder air that we could be looking at a slushy mix. along interior portions of the northeast it should stay as all snow for so many of you. that's why we do think that some snowfall accumulations out there could exceed a foot. a lot of moisture with this storm. we have winter storm warnings in effect from as far south as parts of north carolina and virginia all the way to maine. those are throughout the day today.
3:35 am
then the storm system exits the northeast. tomorrow should be a much better weather day across portions of the northeast and the mid-atlantic. here's a look at the snow cast snowfall. as much as six inches expected across parts of west virginia and virginia. other areas, parts of the upper midwest cold and snow as well. those are other areas that are going to be looking at trouble as far as travel goes for today. beautiful in texas. we're looking at dry conditions and temperatures in the 60's. let's head back inside. >> maria, for the big northeastern corridor cities it is going to be a hassle getting places? >> a hassle. rain-snow mix. slushy accumulation, a couple of inches. it is going to be messy and it will be dangerous on the roads. >> it will take a lot to rattle maria. she was in buffalo. >> meanwhile the third-ranking senate
3:36 am
democrat is going back on obamacare. new york's s senatorchuck schumer blasting the president's signature health care law saying it never should have been passed. by the way he voted on it. schumer is calling it a major mistake. it sounds like he's running for reelection. >> you think? good morning, steve and elisabeth and brian. new york's senior senator chuck schumer had been a vocal advocate of obamacare but now says it was not what the majority of americans wanted add not good political strategy for democrats. schumer contends after president obama won the presidency in 2008 and democrats controlled the house and senate, his party made a mistake by pursuing obamacare two years into the president's first term because the american people didn't want it. >> we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. now the plight of uninsured
3:37 am
americans and the hardships caused by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed, but it wasn't the change we were hired to make. americans were crying out for the end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs. not changes in health care. >> the white house has not commented on senator schumer's comments, but one of the president's top advisors is defending the president's signature legislation. dan pfeiffer tweeted, quote, the broader point is obama ran to solve long festering politically hard problems that others shy away from. but schumer says after the 2009 stimulus package, democrats should have proposed more economic programs for the middle class. back to you all. >> it happens. >> chilly vibes throughout the party today with those comments. >> it is untbleeivel that --
3:38 am
unbelievable that he said what he said. how is josh earnest going to handle that? >> do you think it is unbelievable a democrat changed his mind? >> that is huge. >> he's running for reelection. time to turn to ainsley earhardt with the news. >> thank you so much. he is the motivational speaker who inspired no one. >> you people are here trying to do a good job. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it, and neither do you. >> remember when the general services administration you'd your taxpayer dollars -- used your taxpayer dollars for a luxurious conference in las vegas? you remember that picture at least? we learned they did it again one year after that infamous 2010 conference,
3:39 am
staffers returned to the resort for snore taxpayer-funded meeting. a review of invoices found 21 people there, they dined on lunches that cost 44 bucks and drank lemonade that cost you, the taxpayer, $50 a gallon. the entire conference costing about $2,500 per person. an australian woman fights for her life after being swallowed by a sink hole. the 45-year-old woman was hanging clothes on her laundry line when the earth underneath her just opened up plunging her down ten feet into some water. she managed to stay afloat for 20 minutes until the rescue workers could get there. a plane in russia gets stuck frozen on the runway and passengers are asked to go out there and help push that huge plane to free it from the ice. the temperature outside freezing. 58 degrees below zero. it is something that billy joel hasn't done for the longest time. ♪
3:40 am
♪ >> that's how long the legendary rocker says it has been since he had a smoke. but one source says the president offered him a cigarette during a visit to the white house last year. billy joel is denying that. the singer does not deny, however, reports that he declined a smoke from another high-profile politician, the speaker of the house john boehner. and those are your headlines. >> we don't care. he's great in concert. anyone see him? >> he played last night. i have a report from my neighbor that sting joined him on stage. my two favorite people in the world who don't know me. >> maybe soon. >> i wouldn't be surprised if sting calls me this weekend. >> up next, while protesters remain in the streets of ferguson, eric holder says he will continue an investigation, many calling for officer darren wilson to go to
3:41 am
jail. but is that really justice? >> while many stores are opening their doors on thanksgiving to get a head start on sales, one is saying no way, stay home, enjoy your family time. how they are keeping tradition alive. >> president obama reportedly invited billy joel to share a cigarette with him during a recent white house visit. he said hey man, i really like your early stuff. and obama said thanks. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. time for the news by the numbers. five million, that's how many illegal immigrants
3:45 am
will qualify for government benefits under the president's executive order. the white house now confirming that includes medicare and social security. next 14. that's the percentage of children who are home schooled in north carolina. that number spiked last year after parents had major concerns about common core and pulled their kids right out of school. finally, 70 million dollars, that's how much of your hard-earned cash the i.r.s. is wasting paying prisoners behind bars. a new report found convicts are filing state tax refunds from jail and getting away with it. steve, can you believe that? >> these days i tend to believe everything. thank you, elisabeth. take a look at this brand-new video. last night's protests raged in cities across the country, hundreds of people demanding just for michael brown but is that the right way to make their voices heard? joining us is attorney and law professor jonathan turley. good morning to you, professor. you're all about justice, and so many people we have
3:46 am
seen there in the ferguson, missouri, area, unfortunately, i think they are getting -- they think the only way to get justice for michael brown is by looting in some cases. >> you know, the vast majority of demonstrators of course do it completely lawfully. but these people who then go out and loot obviously defeat the whole purpose of these protests. they lose the moral high ground. there is an obvious disconnect between calling for justice and looting a liquor store. >> absolutely. i know you wrote a column about this a couple of days ago. this was troubling, a troubling case for a number of reasons. in the very beginning the governor out there, jay nixon, he called michael brown a victim, even though you've got the officer who said he was the guy who was roughed up by mr. brown. then you've got the attorney general, he was on tv yesterday talking about how even though the grand jury did not indict
3:47 am
mr. wilson, it looks like they're going to go forward with their investigation. how do they do that? >> well, these types of parallel investigations occur occasionally particularly in high-profile cases like this one. what was a little odd in this case was that it seemed quite premature that attorney general holder ordered a federal agent before the state investigation had gotten through its even initial stages. usually these civil rights investigations occur after state proceedings, certainly after state investigations. the actual claim, the charge that would come out of a civil rights investigation is more difficult than what the grand jury looked at. it's very unlikely that they would find evidence based on the record released by the grand jury to support this type of charge. this occurred in less than 90 seconds, and this grand jury found there wasn't even enough evidence to support involuntary
3:48 am
manslaughter. that makes the civil rights case even tougher to make. >> when the prosecutor, this extraordinary thing of putting -- he doesn't just present one side. he presents everything to the jurors and they decide there's not enough stuff there. had the side that is protesting right now, had they got be their way and there would have been a jury trial, you say it would have been a slam dunk for the defense? >> i think the defense would have won this case. it was a very strong defense case. the biggest question occurs over that final volley of shots that there is a legitimate question there. why were so many shots fired? why was there a need to shoot brown when he was at a distance on that last round? but those are distinctions that are likely to be lost in a criminal case under the beyond a reasonable doubt standard, the forensics were quite strong for the defense. i think the defense would have won that case. but for a grand jury to and not even indict on
3:49 am
involuntary manslaughter shows how relatively weak that evidence is. you have to keep in mind this is beyond a reasonable doubt as a standard. if the family brings a lawsuit, they will be under a different standard, a preponderance of the evidence standard, a lower standard. and they may take another run at this. you know, that is exactly what we saw in some other cases of acquittal, the most famous being o.j. simpson who later lost the civil lawsuit. >> absolutely, still paying off that, he is, from behind bars. did you see any of the george stephanopoulos interview with the officer last night? >> yes. >> how do you think he came across? >> i thought he was very interesting just as a criminal defense attorney to see the officer. i think he came off well. it indicates that he would be a tough witness for the prosecutors. >> very good. jonathan turley joining us from our nation's capital. sir, thank you very much for taking time out of your
3:50 am
wednesday before thanksgiving. i know your wife probably needs you to stop by safeway and pick up some stuff action so please do on the way home. >> thank you, steve. >> dr. turley, thank you. we were talking about thanksgiving before we got started. next up, a lot of people are talking about michael brown's step father, what he said. >> [bleep]. [bleep] >> so what was going through his mind and the other protesters? dr. keith ablow joins us next. retailers made big bucks last year when 45 million americans shopped on thanksgiving. up next, a major retailer that says it's more important for workers to be home with their families tomorrow. really? ♪
3:51 am
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45 million people went shopping on thanksgiving last year, if you can believe that. but some stores are closing their doors this year so their employees can spend thanksgiving with their families. dillard's department store is one of those stores. joining us is dillard's spokesperson, julie. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> so with so many stores as of recent jumping in on this trend of opening up on thanksgiving earlier and earlier to get ahead on the market, dillard's decides no, we are going to maintain our policy and not have our employees work that day. why? >> you know, that's right. we have a strong family heritage at dillard's. we really believe this is the right thing to do for our associates and for their families. over the next several weeks, we're going to ask them to put
3:55 am
in some pretty long hours and to really go the extra me to give our customers exceptional service. we think this is the right thing to do with them, allowing them this time off with their families on this special day to kind of take a breather before things get really busy. and we just believe that if we honor our associates in the long run, they're going to honor our customers as well. >> what's been their response from some of those working for dillard's? what does it mean to them having the day off? >> they are overwhelmingly supportive. i get e-mails from our customers thanking us. they go on our facebook page and openly thank us for this special day with their families. they are overwhelmingly supportive of dillard's in this. and we believe we're rewarded in the long run. >> i think there are a lot of people that just feel as though, gosh, just give us back thanksgiving. why do we have to a, start getting out there to compete for deals? a lot of other stores are kind of jumping on board, taking a
3:56 am
note on your book. hobby lobby, sam's club, costco and efforts ones open on thanksgiving, look at this. macy's, k-mart, sears, kohl's, j.c. penney. are you worried about losing sales to those companies that decide, look, getting that sale, having the register ring is more important today? >> you know, that's their decision. we believe there are a lot of good days to shop in the holiday season. we believe our customers are going to support us in this. we've never been open on thanksgiving in our 76-year history. it's really more of who we are than of big decisions. we believe our customers are supportive. we're getting positive feedback and believe we'll be ultimately rewarded. >> those who work for dillard's will have a happy one for sure. extra stuffing for them it seems. >> exactly. >> we want to thank you for being here and to your dillard's team for giving the time today and to your employees tomorrow.
3:57 am
>> happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. this, we are going to the dogs. check out some national dog show members that just joined the crew. they are cute asm can be. up next. ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, november 26. a fox news alert for you. it's the busiest travel day of the year, but many of you are won't even make it off the ground. hundreds of flights are canceled as a massive winter storm takes aim. what you need to know before heading out this morning. all right. as more violence in ferguson flairs up, the police officer who shot and killed michael brown speaking out in his own words. >> i don't know how to shoot somebody. he grabbed my gun and charged me. >> why he says he was just doing his job. then, one police chief tells it like it is. >> some of the people here gave a good god damn about the victimization of people in this
4:01 am
community by crime, i'd take some of it more seriously. >> clearly he's frustrated. that exploding on the internet. milwaukee police chief will be here live on this day before thanksgiving, you're watching "fox & friends". >> hi. this is dolly parton and you're watching "fox & friends". hello, friends. >> you wouldn't have to count on airplanes if we all had jet packs. >> or hover boards. >> it's going to be so bad in spots, airplanes, jet packs, hover boards grounded. >> in the meantime, take a look at this. breaking news this past half hour out of stanley hills, missouri. five miles from ferguson, two f.b.i. agents reportedly had been shot.
4:02 am
we are told their injuries are not life-threatening, however. >> the agents were shot serving a search warrant which was followed by some sort of hostage situation. the f.b.i. now saying it was not related to the protests in ferguson. >> the suspect is still barricaded inside the house. he's considered armed, dangerous. we understand he is wanted for the murder of his mother and for shooting another officer. we'll keep you updated as we got more information. another night of violence in ferguson. but not as much violence. >> that's right. just watch this terrifying moments here as protesters set a police car on fire. >> if they're setting police cars on fire, they're not protesters. they are looters. joining us now from ferguson with breaking details on this wednesday morning is adam housley. >> reporter: that's a good way of putting it. within that crowd, you'll find
4:03 am
people that are truly protesting, but also you'll find people up to no good. that's evident by the damage they've done here in the last couple of days. i'm standing here, here comes a humvee, the national guard troops that came in yesterday afternoon and sometime in the morning as well. they weren't here the first night as we know. but now they're in. you find them all over not only ferguson, but downtown st. louis, and all major building also have one sitting out front. back here, the video you showed of the protests last night began here, fire station number 1. one of the windows was busted. if you come across, there are national guard troops inside fire station number 1 staying warm. they're inside those doors. keep coming across toward the police department here in ferguson. you'll see the barricades out front. that's where that demonstration began last night. it started peaceful and moved down the street. they did loot more businesses. not as many as the night before. they did do some vandalism and damage. but that's what the police car was taken out down there and thankfully, at that time that's
4:04 am
when the national guard moved in. they came in with the police and they stopped a situation that could have gotten much worse. really within a few minutes it alleviated. a lot of people started to leave and it wasn't nearly as bad, not even close to what we saw the night before. >> adam housley live in ferguson with the very latest. thank you very much. glad it was a quiet night. across the country, there were protest. in new york city, people protesting. not looting, but they stopped people going in and out of the tunnel. >> protest on the 101. >> one of the cops told a reporter in the new york post today that while there were people and they were stopping traffic, the cops were told don't go hard on them. just let them blow off steam. >> wow. >> those people want their voices heard. a message certainly being sent across the nation. one voice that was heard and i think everyone stopped to listen was that of darren wilson who shot michael brown. this is how he described
4:05 am
shooting him. >> where is your gun at that point? >> i keep it on my right hip. i come up and point it at him. i say get back or i'm going to shoot you. his response immediately, he grabbed the top miff gun and when he grabbed it, he said, you're too much of a blank to shoot me. i can feel his hand come over my hand and try to shoot me with my own gun and that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> what happened? >> it didn't go offment it was being jammed by his hand on top of the firearm. i tried again and again another click. and this time i said this has to work. or i'm going to be dead. something is going to happen and i'm going to be dead. i pulled a third time and it finally goes off. >> that's the first time you had to shoot a gun? >> yes, it was. and paused. >> what did you see? >> i noticed at least one hit him. i don't know where, but i saw his body kind of flinch a little. and after that, i paused and again yelled, stop. get on the ground. giving him the opportunity to
4:06 am
stop. and he ignored all the commands and kept running. so after he kept running again, i shot another few shots and at least one of those hit him because i saw him flinch. at this time he was 15 feet away. i started back pedaling. he gets eight to ten feet and leans forward like he's going to tackle me. i looked down the barrel of my gun and fired and what i saw was my head and that's where it went. >> right on top his head? >> yes. >> you never even shot your gun >> uh-huh. after the supervisor got there, i gave him the brief rundown of what happened. >> what did you tell him? >> i told him i had to shoot somebody. he said why? he said he charged me and was going to kill me. >> is there anything you could have done differently it would have prevents that had killing from taken place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael
4:07 am
brown were white, this would have gone down exactly the same way? >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> he says he has no regrets about what happened. he was just doing his job. essentially itr it was the 18-year-old. in the end, he wanted to get back to a normal life. unfortunately, i don't see that happening. it does point out some that all these people that don't know him that offered their support, he truly appreciates it. >> this isn't the best part of the job. expressing remorse, it's the worst part of the job. we asked you what you thought after hearing his words. one said i'm the father of a law enforcement officer that had to shoot and kill someone in the line of duty. when he was telling me about what happened, his demeanor was the same as officer wilson. it takes a lot out of someone to have to end someone's life. so please give the officer a break. he was not cold or uncaring. >> jessica tweeted us, officer wilson sounds like a trained police officer giving his report, which sounds about right
4:08 am
to me. just a little while ago issues we had on jonathan turley, a professor in washington, d.c., of law. and he said looking at his recapitulation of what happened that night, mr. wilson would have been a very strong witness. keep in mind, he was -- it was just the fact, ma'am of the giving them as he remembered. clearly the grand jury believed him because they decided not to indict him. and his story was corroborated by at least a half dozen african-americans who talked to the grand jury in the st. louis area. >> the forensics backed up his story, where the shots were and the way he said it sounded. a lot of people, the critics say the grand jury didn't have a chance to question him. only listen to him. >> that's right. we certainly got a chance to listen to what he had to say there. continue to send your thoughts via e-mail and twitter, facebook. we will read them here. lots happening this morning. ainsley earhart is here to bring it to you. >> that's right. lots of people on the road. the first story, another fox news alert.
4:09 am
massive nor'easter packing snow and rain, creating a disaster travel day for thousands of individuals. nearly 250 flights already canceled this morning. thousands more delays are expected. new york's la guardia and jfk airport, new jersey's newark, and washington's reagan national are being hit the hardest. aaa estimates 46 million people will try to travel 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. a new case of home grown terror in minnesota. two men indicted for aiding isis. one of them, an 18-year-old, stopped at the airport on his way to the middle east. now his lawyer says investigators have it all wrong. >> this young man is far from being a threat to anyone. he is not one of the organizers. >> the other suspect slipped past the f.b.i he's now fighting for isis in syria. some community leaders say prosecutors are going after the wrong guy.
4:10 am
>> an 18-year-old kid who was brainwashed, confused, why not go after the big guy. >> many people have traveled to syria to fight with isis. a top contender to succeed defense secretary chuck hagel just dropping out of the running. a new name, one you know, was thrown into the mix. former defense official michelle flournoy, taking herself out of contention. sources says she wants to be hillary clinton's pentagon chief. as for the new name being tossed around. homeland security chief jay johnson is being considered for the job. thanksgiving is supposed to be about good friends, good food and good conversation, right? not according to manny bloomberg. he wants you to talk about guns. the former new york city mayor giving you advice on what to tell your pro-gun relatives this holiday season. here are the top talking points from his organization every town for gun safety. first, they say it's a myth that guns make us safer. claiming that more guns put everyone at risk.
4:11 am
next, they say guns do not stop gun crime. and they say 92% of americans support background checks. those are your headlines. >> i want to talk about football. is that possible? what else are we allowed to talk about? >> maybe in between. >> because it seems like -- thank you very much. >> it seems like every thanksgiving if you have a big group, sometimes it does deinvolve into a political discussion. >> by the way, guns don't make you safe. put the gun down. and the cranberry sauce. can i tell you to put down the hand gun? what is going on here? >> it's in your topics for turkey day. coming up, a lot of people are talking about michael brown's stepfather. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]
4:12 am
>> what some people say about this. it may surprise you. a school banning christmas because one family complained. really? well, the other parents fired up. you're going to hear from them straight ahead. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
a fox news alert. more fury in ferguson after the grand jury's decision sparking an outcry of burning rage from protesters. rioters setting this police car on fire. >> what's going on? what goes on through the mind of a protester? let's ask psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. people are upset. >> good morning. >> some react one way, others violently. what's the difference? >> well, listen. i think as to the violence, you have to wonder whether among the explanations could be a kind of self-loathing because people project their feelings outside of themselves. if you think of kids who feel like, man, i did the wrong thing. i've been sent to my room, and then they bust the room up, they throw everything, that's a kind of analogy here that the community filled with the kind
4:17 am
of feeling that they're not effective, that they wish that they could be doing better in life, maybe because they haven't been given enough full-time jobs, for example, are prime by leaders, the wrong leaders to say you have justifyiable. rather than to say what's going on with our young men? why is there a high rate of violence within our community? why don't we have the kinds of jobs that we wish we did? is it our leadership? even our leadership in washington. leadership in the state house? where is it? >> i want to ask you this. on monday video emerged of michael brown's stepfather at the rally. we're going to play it and i love your analysis. take a watch. >> sure.
4:18 am
>> how do you explain that? >> well, now this is refreshing because we dispense race. how would oatlike have that guy as your stepfather? you think you'd turn out okay? >> dr. keith, do you give a pass to the immediate family to have some rage or outrage and not a pass to others? >> file a lawsuit if you have rage. give a moving speech if you have rage. this guy obviously, you wouldn't want him in your house as your stepfather. this guy helped raise someone who broke the law, who stole from a convenience store, who then was dismisssive of authority, who then apparently attacked the police officer and because of that, this man has lost his son.
4:19 am
he should be wondering, boy, am i the kind of guy who set the stage for my son to have his life ended tragically by a police officer because i raised him the wrong way? well, it's looking a lot like that, isn't it, from this psychiatrist's vantage point. >> i see a family, i guess personally i kind of step and think, well, maybe the family can have some rage. everyone else is taking advantage of it. what about those who are masked? the anonymous looters wearing those white masks. what do you think of them, brave enough to come out and do what they're doing? >> psychiatry is wonderful because you can see so many things seemingly obvious but a bit in disguise. if you have no identity and you're going from protest to protest wearing a mask, you might be expressing rage and violence wherever you can or protest because you don't feel like you have anything inside, nothing else defines you. so with a mask on, you become
4:20 am
the protester. that's your identity? yeah, for some people that's their identity. >> or don't want to get caught. maybe something as simple as that. >> you should join the practice, my friend. >> maybe. >> we always appreciate your analysis. >> thanks. >> take care. he is a motivational speaker who inspired nobody. >> you people are here trying to do a good job. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it and neither do you. >> was this smoking clown invited back on the taxpayers cash? >> then he was drafted during the vietnam war. instead of dodging duty, now this american hero says the best decision he ever made was going to war. he joins us live. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
welcome back. we have quick headlines for you now. isis militants making millions of dollars in ransom payments. new estimates show they have received up to $45 million in the past year alone. ransom payments have become so profitable for militant groups. al-qaeda use kidnapping as their main source of revenue. special oches lead ago daring early morning lead in yes, ma'am ton save eight hostages. they have been taken by an al-qaeda affiliate. the u.s. commandos and support teams flown into eastern yemen
4:25 am
where they raided a mountain side cave, killing seven of the captors. steve? it is one for the record books. ralph rigby, the last u.s. army's last vietnam era draftee is leaving the army after many years. he was first drafted at age 19 and brieflyt showing up. but instead, he wound up staying and had an amazing military career. and he joins us right now with his incredible story. good morning to you, ralph. >> good morning. >> a real pleasure. >> thank you. >> let me take you back to that day. go to the mailbox and there it is. greetings, ralph. >> i looked at it and that afternoon or evening when my mom got home from work, i made a comment to her that i should just go to canada like a lot of the other guys did.
4:26 am
>> because it was to vietnam. >> and i had concerns about going over there at all. and so -- she looked at me and says, you're not going to canada. you got a duty to your country and if go to canada, you don't have to worry about the government. you got to worry about me. i'll come up there and kick your butt all the way back down here and then you'll go. >> all right. so you did wind up going. you wound up going to korea, right? >> right. i wound up december 72 in a hawk missile site as a generator operator and mechanic. i liked it over there and when it came time for me to get out, i actually went ahead and went active reserves for a year with duty in korea and stayed over there. i wound up liking it so much, i
4:27 am
enlisted. >> here you are. >> and here i am now retiring out of my sixth tour in korea. >> that's fantastic. what was it you loved about the military? >> a lot of different challenges. i never put anything into a five-year plan. everybody says you got to have a plan. my only plan, my basic plan was to complete my next duty assignment. and i took it assignment by assignment. i blinked and 42 years is gone. >> it's funny how that works. while you were the last draftee who is now retiring, you think that the draft is not a bad idea? >> i think they ought to continue and start the draft back up. >> why? >> that's personal opinion. you get a wider diversity and mix of people. you get kids and carpenters.
4:28 am
you get all kinds of different skills and they may not be the skills the army teaches you, but you can ask in your platoon and you could almost go build a house or build a city. >> those are skills that you carry with you the rest of your life. after decades of service to the u.s. military, what's your next stop? what are you going to do now that you're retiring? >> i'm really not sure. i'm contemplating a couple of different possibilities on gs jobs, maybe going back to work for the government or army, going back to korea or depending -- >> so you're not ready to go fishing yet? >> no. i'm nowhere near ready to go fishing yet. it's mandatory to get old. it's only optional to grow up. >> very wise words. congratulations. >> thank you. >> a real pleasure. thank you very much and good luck in your retirement, although it doesn't sound like you'll be relaxing. >> thank you very much.
4:29 am
>> thanks for your service from all of us. that's great. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, president obama and the mainstream media quick to the mic when it comes to ferguson. but what about cases like this? >> we did not hear them say anything about the 19-year-old new jersey teen-ager, brendan devlin, who was gunned down by a black self proclaimed jihaddist. >> the colonel is right. where is the outrage there? he's the motivational speaker who inspired nobody. he's supposed to be funny. but was the smoking clown invited back to burn through more of our taxpayer cash at another big gsa convention? we've got the answer coming up. what were they smoking? ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
a massive nor'easter threatening the busiest travel day of the year. >> that's today we're talking about. snow and ice interrupting plans for millions of americans going to somebody's house. >> doug luzader has been traveling the dc roads. how is it looking out there and did they give you any salt to help the others? >> reporter: a lot of people are going to need help out here. 46 million, i guess, according to aaa traveling more than 50 miles this year, which is a seven-year high, by the way. look outside, the problem right now isn't so much volume. it's this weather. we're seeing a fair amount of rain right now and the problem is, especially if you head farther up the coast, this is going to start to turn to snow. that's going to make travel conditions pretty bad in the nation's highways.
4:34 am
but also for air travel as well. while this is primarily going to affect the northeast, there is the potential for that cascading impact across the country. >> it looks like you're on the dulles access road today. it also looks like the driver is running the camera. is that right? >> no. this would be me running the camera. >> very good. >> that's a selfy. >> that's great. >> that's a moving selfy. >> so would you say you feel safe on the road right now? yes or no? >> yeah. i think we're pretty safe. conditions -- it's starting to get a little bit more crowded. some of this is obviously just people going to work today. but you have a lot of people getting up for an early start for thanksgiving as well, which is always helpful heading into what's going to be a very busy holiday. the other thing i'll add, gas
4:35 am
prices down 40 cents a gallon from last year. that's certainly making it easier to travel. >> easier on the wallet. we'll let you get your eyes back on the road. thanks and happy thanksgiving as we turn our eyes to maria molina. everyone is hanging on your every word because all the travel depends on the weather and you've got the weather for us. what's happening? >> that's right. good morning. we're tracking our storm system that's going to be moving up the coast throughout today. i have to tell you, just here in new york city, we've already been seeing some changes since early this morning. temperatures were a little warmer in the overnight hours, upper 40s. they are dropping now, in the low 40s. we're seeing the colder air to help transition rain to snow. look for example radar, you can see areas of rain across florida, parts of the carolinas, up into the mid-atlantic and right here as well in new york city. we already have some snow showing up on the radar. you can see the specks of white across virginia and also west virginia. that means that snow is coming down heavily.
4:36 am
taking a look at the computer models here, you can see that rain-snow line, that mix is going to be heading up right along parts of new york city and new england. where it's cold enough, parts of upstate new york, new england, parts of pennsylvania, you will be seeing that snow coming down quite heavily and that's why we do have winter storm warnings in effect for a very widespread area with some people expecting more than a foot of snow across portions of new england. otherwise across the rest of the country, expecting some snow and very cold temperatures across parts of the midwest. travel issues there expected. and also across northern rockies. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. live report just outside the door where it is lousy. >> maybe there are some snow angels for thanksgiving will be upon us. >> for those who like to use thanksgiving to put up christmas lights, you might have to put that on pause. it's time to hit play and push that on ainsley. >> never know what you're going to say. let's tell you what's happening
4:37 am
in the news. while you are spending thanksgiving with your family, a group of military members are spending it in ebola isolation. the 1515 service members and one defense department civilian just returned from liberia where they were helping fight the disease. none of them was exposed to ebola patients and they have no symptoms so far. remember the luxurious and controversial general service administration conference in vegas? complete with this clown. >> you people are here trying to do a good job. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it. and neither do you. >> now we learn that they did it again. one year after that infamous 2010 conference, staffers returned to the resort for another taxpayer-funded meeting. this time they left the clown at home. however, a few of invoices did find the entire conference cost you, the taxpayer, about $2,500
4:38 am
per person. a massachusetts school district replacing the term christmas vacation with holiday break after one complaint from one family. furious teachers, parents and teachers, packing the auditorium, voicing their outrage. >> we want christmas back on our school calendar. >> despite 4,000 signatures from residents, they are urging officials to reconsider the change will become official this week. and in england, a man uses a flock of sheep to propose to his girlfriend. a clever pun, will you marry me? a ewe is a female sheep.
4:39 am
luck you're for him she said yes. >> wow. >> how do you get the sheep to stay in place and not scramble. >> it could have gone bad. >> how do you train the sheep to do anything? >> thank you, ainsley. >> let's change gears. one police chief tells it like it is. >> some of the people here gave a good god damn about the victimization of people in this community by crime, i take some of their invective more seriously. >> milwaukee's police chief here live. plus, we're going to the dogs. check out some of the national dog show's newest members. they're going to be on the set along with david himself who is giving them hugs straight ahead. ♪ ♪
4:40 am
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4:43 am
time for news by the numbers. first, today is verizon connection day and wireless carrier is wishing you a happy thanksgiving with a bunch of freebies. first, ten. that's how many free or discounted apps you can get on amazon. next, seven days. that's the length of a free trial you can register for on pandora 1, where i get all my free music. 30 minutes. that's how long you can connect to in-flight wi-fi on go-go if you're flying jetblue. it's free. >> thanksgiving we know is going to the dogs right now. >> it's time for the national dog show. the most viewed dog show in
4:44 am
america. >> here is the co-host of the event for the past 13 years. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> nice to be here. >> what's new? >> well, these are two of our buddies. let's start with butler. he's one of our therapy dog ambassadors for the national dog show presented by purina. weather channel therapy dog visits sites of natural disasters around the country. he's a shepherd mix. >> good work. >> the weather channel dispatches the dogs? >> the dog goes to the sites and helps calm things down. >> and leave it to the mutt, the kindest. when it comes to the pure breed, we have a new introduction. >> one is the wire haired vishla like oliver. he's two. wire haired vishlas are related to the smooth coated one. >> why would i get one of these?
4:45 am
how would he profile the owner of one? >> they would probably have to be as active as their dog. they're very active hunting dogs. beautiful athletic dog that can move. they've added this wire coat to the german wire haired pointer to help them in the wild, and to hunt. >> what else can we look forward to? >> well, it's the same as always. great competition. 175 different breeds and varieties there. >> my kids love it. >> you're supposed to love it. we think it's a great family holiday, great tradition on thanksgiving day. >> what is also interesting is you also bet on the air. >> that's it. we want people to get involved with it. even though it's taped, people night know who the winner is if you ask the right people -- >> you know what is amazing about the dog shows you're involved in is even though people have dogs at home,
4:46 am
sometimes the dogs are a hassle, i got to walk and feed them of the we love them so much, these shows are so highly rated. >> well, dogs are members of our family. >> absolutely. >> people like to celebrate their dogs by being part of the show. if i'm sitting home with my dog, i want to see him on the show. >> the dogs like to see them. >> you don't know that, elisabeth. >> i do. >> here is the thing, a lot of times you sit there going, how come that dog listens and you sit there and ignore everything die? >> weigh say that a lot. you have to be out there, a few less cookies. >> that's right. >> the national dog show presented by purina airs thanksgiving day at noon. so check it out on what channel? >> on nbc. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> thank you oliver and but but. this coming up next, one police chief telling it like it is. >> if some of the people here gave a good god damn about the
4:47 am
victimization of people in this community by crime, i'd take some of their invective more seriously. >> that exploding on the internet. that police chief is here live with us next.
4:48 am
4:49 am
4:50 am
a police chief turning the tables on protesters who confronted him over the death of a milwaukee man at the hands of a police officer. the crowd lashing out at a public meeting after the chief was seen check his cell phone. his response putting critics in their place. listen. >> the five-year-old little girl who got shot in the head by a drive-by shooting. if the people here gave a god damn about victimization of crime, i would take some of their invective more seriously.
4:51 am
the greatest racial disparity is getting shot and killed. hello? 80% miff homicide victims every year are african-american. they know all about the last three people that have been killed by the milwaukee police department over the course of the last several years. there is not one of them can name one of the last three homicides victims we've had in this city. the fact is, that the people out here, some of them, led the most -- are absolutely mia when it comes to the true threats facing this community and it gets a little tiresome. when you start getting yelled at from reading the updates from the kid that gets shot, yeah, you take personal. >> how did residents respond to those words? he joins us right now with the fallout and the aftermath. there is a lot of people looked at that and said man, that was a real passionate answer to a major, major problem. chief, thank you for joining us. set the scene. you kind of defined it a little for me in the break. so set the scene that led to that stand-off after the meeting. >> there were a number of people
4:52 am
at the police commission meeting voicing their concern, anger and in many cases hostility about the police department. last april we had a shooting that was controversial that resulted in the death of a homeless mentally ill man and stirred broad public concern that was not unjustified. but people came to that meeting to be extremely vocal and aggressive in their manner. and they caught me looking at my cell phone while they were yelling at me. and as i indicated, i was getting updates on the shooting of a little girl who was sitting on grandpa's lap being read to and obviously that is the issue we're dealing with here, isn't it, in cities that are plagued by crime in their most disadvantaged neighborhoods. it's children being shot. it's young adults being shot. it's the future of our neighborhoods being robbed by violent people who are armed with firearms and don't care who they shoot. that's their core of urban policing and obviously as we get
4:53 am
assailed for those rare events nationally that are controversial, it can be frustrating. >> i heard that in your voice. you also say something about stats. in terms of race and crime in milwaukee, 85% of homicide arrests are of black people. 91% of suspected of homicide are black. 78% of homicide victims are black. you kind of brought that up. hey, we're trying to stop what's happening and a lot of it's black on black crime. >> the frustrating thin thing for me, and allow me to word smith a little bit. what we have is an incredible disparity in who is victimized by violent crime. let's not forget the victims. most are repeat offenders. our communities inhabited by people of color, are trying to -- you would never know the number of community partners we have and authentic community leaders who every day are trying to do something about crime and disorder in their neighborhoods. but they never get quoted. they never get sought for an
4:54 am
interview. the only way you get on tv is scream invective and yell the loudest. that's very frustrating for police chiefs 'cause we see guys showing up on tv accusing us of all kinds of things that we've never seen before. we go to neighborhood meetings and those disadvantaged communities and they want one thing from cops, protection. and they work with them because they know their children's future depends on their safety. that's where the important battles are being fought and a lot of this stuff is a cynical distraction from the real work. >> you're convinced that a lot of the rabble rowsers are coming from outside. that's what they've been saying in ferguson up until the last couple of days. that's what you're saying, too. correct? >> there is no question about it we got a big community of hipsters in town waving their signs and we don't get a heck of a lot of invective from the people who actually live and work in this city.
4:55 am
we have a grieving family, controversial shooting whom i respect for their restraint. but we've got people attaching themselves to those demonstrations that are actively trying to turn them violent and that's wrong and it's underreported. >> yeah. i just saw obviously the five-year-old getting shot on his grandfather's lap did not get national attention, but everything else did. there has been 170 protests last night regarding what happened in ferguson. what do you expect on this thanksgiving? how are you preparing? >> well, we are working with the family here. last night we had a protest. i think we got up to 100 people marching around. half of whom i think were out of town. we policed it carefully. we allowed them their scope to talk and yell. we did not have any significant incidents last night. so obviously we're preparing for other eventualities. but so far our demonstrations have been peaceful. >> yeah. people are looking at cops as if they're row botts. i saw the real park and that's what i saw was so important to talk to you today.
4:56 am
police chief, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> have a great thanksgiving. we prepare for our final hour. coming up, our in-box is exploding. peter johnson, jr. answering your questions about michael brown and the ferguson case. keep them coming. then when the white house pushes states around, she's not afraid to push back. so what does arizona governor jan brewer think about the president's executive action on immigration as a border state? she joins us live next hour.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning. today is wednesday, november 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. you know the saying, there is no place like home. but for thousands of americans, it's proving to be impossible to get there. we have the break details on the major nor'easter pounding the nation. meanwhile, officer darren wilson breaks his silence on television. he says it was kill or be killed
5:00 am
>> see his hand trying to come over my hand and get inside the trigger and try and shoot me with my own gun and that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> and already the headlines are reading like this: cold as ice. that's better than yesterday. yesterday the newspaper referred to him as killer cop. what do you think about those headlines? we're going to report and you will decide. this is your captain speaking. i'm sorry. i shouldn't have paused. we'll need you -- i was distract ed. >> outside the airplane and push. >> if you want to get home, push that way. >> mornings are better with friends. i got nothing. >> this is your captain speaking
5:01 am
welcome. it's 8:00 o'clock in new york city. breaking news right now out of mainly hills, near ferguson, missouri, two f.b.i. agents have been shot. we're told that their injuries are not life-threatening. we understand one guy was shot in the shoulder. >> that's right. the agents were shot serving a search warrant, the f.b.i. is saying. it was not related to the protests in ferguson. >> the suspect is 32-year-old major washington. he's wanted for the murder of his mother and shooting another officer. it's believed he's still barricaded inside the house. we'll keep you updated with more information. clearly a bad character. another night of violence in ferguson, missouri. >> watch this terrifying moment vandals set this police car on >> joining us now live from ferguson with the breaking details on what's happening this
5:02 am
morning is adam housley. good morning to you. >> good morning. that video was right here on the street of only a few feet from where i'm standing right now. the one area of town the vandals really had not yet hit. last night they did get to some businesses around here. i'll show you where it looks like you can see back to normal. this road was shut down this morning when we got here. there were national guard troops all around. they pulled back a bit now that the sun comes up because they don't have near low as many problems. very few problems during the day. but down the street is where that car was set on fire. we had the video. it's dramatic. it shows you they tipped it up on its side for a moment. it fell back almost on top of a couple of the protesters or vandals, however you want to call them. then they eventually set it on fire. one protester actually set himself on fire trying to use a molatov cocktail. here comes an ambulance. you'll hear a siren. basically what happened was as they started to light the car on fire, it was the first time the national guard came in along with the police and dispersed the crowd. they put them back on the
5:03 am
sidewalk and took and got everybody basically to calm down. a lot of people here were saying this morning why didn't they do that the night before? why didn't they be more aggressive with these vandals? that's really what a lot of them are. while there are some peaceful protesters, there has been a lot of vandalism, a lot of damage. a lot of businesses dealt with fires and being broken into and looted. last night they only got to a couple of them. but thankfully that way they within after them was one of the positive ways that they stopped the situation. >> looks like city hall got it the worst. real quick, in your opinion, 'cause things have been as bad last night as the night before if it wasn't bolstered up security? >> reporter: absolutely. no doubt about it. we were watching it, brian, both fox news crews here on the ground, those watching it from further away. everybody was really keeping an eye on it, even locals, i was talking with the head of security for the hockey team here last night. he was talking about everybody was really watching to see what the national guard and what the
5:04 am
police did here on night two because night one, as we know, didn't work at all. whatever they did last night, it actually worked because that crowd was growing. it was getting more violent. when they stopped in and walked into the middle of them and separated them, it stopped it. >> amazing. >> we thank you very much. live reports from the streets of ferguson. the protests and the rioting and looting in response to the fact that officer darren wilson was not indicted by that grand jury. we haven't seen him speak until last night on abc, george stephanopoulos got the exclusive report, reportedly they did not pay anything for this particular interview. he started by saying that essentially this is him recounting the story. he saw michael brown who he believed had been involved in a robbery of cigars down at one of the shops in that neighborhood. he told him to get out of the street because he was walking down the middle of the street and then this happened.
5:05 am
>> he threw the first punch? >> yes. he threw the first one and hit me on side of the face. >> some of the witnesses said they saw you trying to pull him into the car. >> that would be against every training that ever taught to law enforcement. i just felt the immense power he had. the way i described t it was like a five-year-old holding on to hulk hogan. i said get back, i'm gog shoot you. his response immediately, he grabbed the top of my gun. when he grabbed it, he said you're too much of a [ bleep ] to shoot me. i felt his hand try and shoot me with my own gun and that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> why not stay in the car? he's running away? >> because my job isn't to just sit and wait. i have to see where this guy goes. >> so you thought it was your duty to give chase? >> yes, it was. that's what we are trained to do. when he stops, he turned and faced me. as does he that, his right hand immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is a fist and he starts champing me.
5:06 am
>> what did you think when you saw that? >> i didn't know. my initial thought was -- >> even though he hadn't pulled anything out? >> it was the unknown. again, we're taught to let me see your hands. >> as you know, some of the eyewitnesses have said at that moment he turned around, he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. >> no way? >> no way. >> do you hear that? some are describing him as cold. we heard from our viewers here, saying this is methodical, he went through his training, operated within the trains. that's familiar to law enforcement across the country. but straight from his lips, you could not take your eyes off of that moment. >> we still want to know what you think about that. because everyone has different takes. steve, you said cold as ice. i just thought he was methodical, going through it. >> just recounting it. >> and so young. >> that was my take, too. the reason i have a clean conscience, he says because i nodi my job right. doesn't mean he's happy about it. but that's what you're trained to do.
5:07 am
>> protests across the nation had the president talk being this again yesterday. this time he was in chicago, actually trying to garner some support for his immigration executive action there. ferguson did come up. a lot of people wondering, why didn't he mention the homicides that have occurred there? through october, 331 total homicides right there in chicago, from january to september of 2014. age group of 17 to 25-year-olds, there have been 135 homicides. why so silent on those lives that are lost? that is a large group right there, y young individuals dying at the hands of another. >> those sentiments and those stats were not lost on lieutenant colonel allen west. listen. >> what i do find very hypocritical is that president obama, nor eric holder, has said anything about the four black gang members who brutally kidnapped captain quick and murdered him. we did not hear them say
5:08 am
anything about the 19-year-old new jersey teen-ager, brendan devlin, who was gunned down by a black self-proclaimed jihaddist. we heard them say nothing about the two black teen-agers that bludgeoned to death a world war ii okinawa veteran in spokane, washington, nor about the black teen-ager who shot a young toddler in the face in brunswick, georgia. i think that the country has to really get tired of this cherry picking of these instances of their perceived social justice and their own agenda that they're trying to use for their own elevation. and this really is getting quite despicable. >> surely. and then you look at the story about what happened on the street in ferguson back in august to begin with. how many times did you hear the narrative that it was an unarmed black teen-ager who was killed on the street by a white police officer? bernie goldberg was on with o'reilley last night and he said there are some people who are trying to turn this into a black-white thing. he said this is not a civil
5:09 am
rights issue. here is his reasoning. >> michael brown that day stole stuff from a little convenience store and then roughed up the owner who was half his size. michael brown then thought he would get away with, according to the grand jury, with roughing up a cop. he brought about his own demise. it's a tragedy. when any 18-year-old is killed. and especially for the parents. we certainly sympathize with that. but michael brown was the bad guy in this case and please, america, let's not turn this kid into some kind of civil rights martyr because that, he is not. >> remember, it was all about michael brown. we know even darren wilson's name and we learned his name. then we saw blurry pictures. now you saw the interview. now you fully know most people that were involved in this. so you can make your own opinion. let us know from what you now know where you stand on this case on facebook or on e-mail. >> right now we're going to turn to ainsley who has more of what's going on this morning for
5:10 am
you. >> thank you so much. new video in of the snow coming down pretty hard in washington county, maryland. look at that. a massive nor'easter expected to drop up to 14 inches across the northeast. snow and ice disrupting thanksgiving plans for millions of americans. 250 flights already canceled out of new york, new jersey, and the dc areas. thousands more are expected. aaa estimates 46 million people will try to travel 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. a new case of home grown terror in minnesota. two men indicted for aiding isis. one, an 18-year-old guy, stopped at an airport on his way to the middle east. and now his lawyer says investigators have it all wrong. >> this young man is far from being a threat to anyone. he is not one of the organizers. >> the other suspect slipped past the f.b.i he is now fighting for isis in syria. some community leaders say
5:11 am
prosecutors are going after the wrong guy. >> instead of running up to little 18, 17-year-old kid who was brainwashed, confused, why not go after the big guys? >> about a dozen minnesota residents traveled to syria to fight with isis within the last year. a top contender to succeed defense secretary chuck hagel just dropped out of the running. but a new name, one that you know, was just thrown into the mix. former defense official, michelle flournoy, taking herself out of contention. sources say that she wants to be hillary clinton's pentagon chief. as for the new name that's being tossed around. reports say that homeland security chief jay johnson is being considered for the job. fox news contributor pete hegseth saying this earlier on "fox & friends." >> who would want the job right now, is the problem? after you mow through three defense secretary, shouldn't you be asking, maybe it's not them. maybe it's me? shouldn't the president be asking, am i the one pushing these guys out because of these
5:12 am
ridiculous policies? >> the president's pick will be the first cabinet level change since the midterm election. and a swedish extreme sports team making an unlikely and now life long friend. arthur the dog, following team peak performance. he was found deep inside the jungle. one member gave him a meat ball and the bond was sealed. arthur followed the team through the amazon until the trek was complete. he likes meat balls. he must be italian, that dog. >> they have meat balls in the jungle? >> apparently so. >> that's something. >> thanks. remember i told you about my parakeet. one day he/x÷dé2 flew into thet balls and he never recovered. they were in sauce. he went right for the sauce. coming up, reaction to officer wilson's interview is pouring in right now. many of you are outraged with this headline, cold as ice.
5:13 am
we will read some of your comments coming up next. and sorry, kids. they are taking christmas right off the calendar. that's right. one school making a controversial change because one family complained about it. is that fair? we report. you decide. ♪ ♪
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5:17 am
a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, protests raged across ferguson, missouri and cities across the country. right now our in box is filling up with your questions. here to answer them, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. hi, everybody. >> good morning. ron on twitter is asking this, why is obama still pursuing an investigation? does he have the power to overturn the grand jury decision? >> i believe he's pursuing an investigation because it's politically beneficial to him and his administration to do so. the doj is looking and they've had a parallel investigation to the state investigation. as we know, the grand jury decided no true bill, no indictment. i believe, and we were talking earlier, elisabeth, that the federal government will keep this investigation open as long
5:18 am
as possible. >> to maintain the narrative? >> maintain the narrative, keep mr. wilson under thumb in terms of his public statements. mollify and assuage. certain communities that are upset about this decision, and send a signal that the doj is upset about police conduct in america generally. i believe it would be a political prosecution. but in the end, it will not be brought. >> okay. abbey on twitter asks, can the state intervene to protect darren going forward? >> it can protect him if he's the subject of some criminal intent. the state has an obligation if they are on notice that someone wants to do harm to officer wilson to protect him. i hope he's being protected at this time. is that a permanent situation that goes forward? absolutely not. he will be on his own and he will be subject to whatever public whims there are. but he appears to be a strong guy, well-spoken man who
5:19 am
understands what happened on that night and is cleared in terms of his own conscience. >> do you think the family will pursue a civil suit? what could come of that? >> unfortunately, the state holder, most important stake holders going forward appear to be the lawyers, appear to be the lawyers benefits from statutory fees from a wrongful death lawsuit brought under a civil rights action. we expect, we anticipate that there will be a wrongful death lawsuit in which even if the family receives one dollar, the lawyers who bring that lawsuit could receive hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in terms of that. so we have to understand the dynamic in these types of situations, especially when lawyers are involved. our laws guarantee legal fees to lawyers in these situations if they win even one dollar. >> interesting out there into
5:20 am
motivation from the legal side. an e-mail says this, the big white house liberal newspaper mo further and destroy darren wilson. look at this right here. we see cold as ice on the daily news cover here. >> the tone of attack will continue. he will become the subject of a lot of the attacks at rallies, on extremely liberal television networks, by leaks in the doj, and he will become subject to a lot of suspicion and ridicule going forward. he needs to continue to tell his story if, in fact, that continues. the grand jury said that he did not commit a crime. >> okay. peter johnson, jr. >> good morning and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you for sending your questions. keep them coming. happy thanksgiving. this coming up, a stunning reversal, senator chuck schumer changing his mind about obamacare. just wait until you hear what he is saying now and who could
5:21 am
forget the moment when governor jan brewer pointed her finger in the president's face? so what does she think about the president's executive action on immigration? stay tuned. you are about to find out on the curvy couch.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
on this wet wednesday in new york city, i've got your headlines. want an excuse to get out of doing the laundry? look at this video. that's giant sink hole that opened up at the very moment a woman was hanging her clothes on the clothes line. that happened in australia. she fell ten feet into the hole. rescuers pulled her out. she's doing just fine. as you can see, the laundry is now dry. then it's like something out of the movies.
5:25 am
europe won in paris, france. the two men made off on scooters after robbing a cartier jewelry store in paris. they didn't get very far. cops arrested them a short time later. and this is your captain speaking. we're going to need you to get out and push the airplane because we're stuck in the ice. they were in russia and the captain asked them to push the plane out and free it from the ice. temperature outside the airplane was 58 degrees below zero. and that is the news. >> thanks, steve. the president has a message for anyone who is upset about his executive action on immigration. stop complaining. >> now, you're absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations. that's true. but you're not paying attention to is the fact that i just took
5:26 am
an action to change the law. >> so what about the states? are they forced to implement his actions? don't they have the right to have their voices heard? joining us now is governor jan brewer. welcome to the couch. >> thank you. >> welcome to our bad weather. you have great weather that you just left. so your reaction to the president's action, do you have any recourse? >> well, we would like to believe that we do. certainly we hope that the -- >> is it the earring? >> no, it's the ifp. >> i'm so sorry. >> turned up too loud. >> anyway, what he has done is absolutely wrong and unjust and certainly unconstitutional. i believe that people out there believe that we could take action, end up in court again. but i heard from -- >> texas is suing, right? >> governor-elect abbott called yesterday. i was in the air, so when i landed, i got an e-mail and so
5:27 am
i'm going to review that and see just exactly what it is and how we can join with him to see if something can be done. >> this executive action falls directly on the backs of the state in costs and operation. looking at driver's licenses, in-state tuition, health insurance. can you outline for us what exactly it means for a state to be faced with this executive action right around the corner? >> it's horrendous. financially it's a killer. we're still in economic concerns that we've been facing for the last two years. and to be forced upon us to take care of these people and educate them, provide health care for them, social security for them, the bottom line is that we simply cannot afford it. the united states is the largest country in the world that allows immigrants to come n but we are a nation of laws. we believe in the rule of law. >> i'm glad you said that. famously, we've got that image of you on the tarmac with the president of the united states. if you were face-to-face with the president today regarding what he did, what would you tell
5:28 am
him? >> today i think i would say, mr. president, i've invited to you my border for six years. you have never come. we have an issue. we have a problem. nothing will be resolved, mr. president, until you see with your own eyes the issues that we're all facing and it's up to you to lead this country and do it constitutionally. >> i got a feeling you would say that. it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> you soon in that state, you'll is a doocy for a governor. >> i am! >> we spell it differently. so as you come to new york city, i know you're involved in some other economic things for your state. you got to be proud about how it all turned out for your governorship. >> i am. i absolutely have no regrets. we accomplished so much in the last six years that we weren't able to accomplish maybe for the last 25 years with reform, tax reform, business reform. it's been amazing. >> i'm sure -- >> and an honor to have served a wonderful state of arizona after having served in all different kinds of offices for 33 years.
5:29 am
i'm proud of my record. 24-0 in elections. that's pretty darn good. >> lot to reflect on. >> i do. >> have a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you so very much. >> we promise to have the rain turned off for the parade tomorrow, which you're going to be in attendance at. >> i appreciate that. like my mother used to say, you're not so sweet. you won't melt. >> good line. >> thank you. this coming up, he's motivational speaker who inspired nobody. >> you people are here trying to do a good job. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it and neither do you. >> why was the smoking clown invited back to burn through more of your taxpayer cash? >> then she catered to jimmy fallon, mitt romney marks rye i can't carey. but today she's taking on the ultimate challenge. what to give kids for
5:30 am
thanksgiving. >> who don't like anything with a turkey, stuffing, giblets. ♪ ♪
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5:33 am
new extreme weather video into fox showing snow coming down hard in washington county, maryland. a massive nor'easter is hitting the northeast right now. it could possibly put a damper on holiday travel for millions of you watching. >> already this morning, at least 300 flights have been canceled in new york, new jersey, massachusetts, and the dc area getting hit the hardest so far as more delays are expected. >> maria molina is tracking the storm. she promised to. what is the latest? >> good morning. i have to say, just here in new york city, we've been seeing some changes over the last several hours. we have the rain coming down,
5:34 am
but temperatures have continued to drop. we're at 40 degrees now. it was in the upper 40s earlier this morning. that's a sign the nor'easter starting to pull in the colder air and we'll see transition from rain to snow in many areas across the northeast. you have rain in florida, also raining up into parts of new jersey, new york city, and even into parts of new england. taking a look at the future radar, you can see that white stuff, that's all snow coming down across parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york, and also into new england. we do have winter storm warnings in effect. the other concern besides rain or snow is how windy it's going to be out there. you're looking at gusts up to 40 miles per hour. so that should be causing delays as well. as far as snow accumulation goes, you could see more than a foot of it across portions of new england. also interior northeast. looking at the i-95 corridor, that rain-snow line is set up along the big cities. a bit of a slushy mess. steve, elisabeth, and brian, if we see some of the cold air mixing into places like new york
5:35 am
city, potentially could look at snow totals getting bumped up a little bit. let's head back inside. >> get the shovel out. thank you. is underdog still in the thanksgiving day parade? >> don't know. >> we'll find out tomorrow. >> it's going to be a game day decision. ainsley, do you know? >> i do not know the answer to that. >> if you can write us on that. >> i'll have to look it up. the high ranking senate democrat turning his back on obamacare. new york chuck schumer blasting the president's signature law, saying it never should have pass ed. >> we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. now, the plight of uninsured americans and the hardships caused by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed, but it wasn't the change we were hired to make. >> instead, schumer says congress should have focused on the middle class more. and remember the controversial general services
5:36 am
administration conference in vegas, complete with this clown? >> you people are here trying to do a good job. don't waste your time. it doesn't do you any good. the customers don't care about it and neither do you. >> well, they did it again. one year after that 2010 conference, staffers returned to the inn resort spa and casino for another taxpayer-funded meeting. this time they left a clown at home, but the entire conference cost you, the taxpayer, $2,500 per person. 45 million people went shopping on thanksgiving last year. but some stores are closing their doors this time around so that employees can stay at home and spend time withá families. one of the stores, dillard's department store. the spokesperson joined us earlier to explain why they are keeping the 76-year-old tradition alive. >> this is just the right thing to do. allowing them this time off with
5:37 am
their families on this special day to kind of take a breather before things get really busy. if we honor our associates in the long run, they're going to honor our customers as well. >> dillard's, nordstrom, hobby lobby, home depot, just a few that are closed tomorrow. those are your headlines. >> thanks, ainsley. tomorrow when your family sits down to enjoy thanksgiving dinner, do not forget the kiddies table. it's important. here with some fun and recipes and ways to help with your littlest family member, chef and celebrity caterer. she catered to all kinds of a listers, like donald trump, jimmy fallon, and now steve doocy. >> and our children. >> i think this is a great idea. >> everyone always forgets about the kids' table. nobody ever wants to sit at it. if you make it fun and fabulous, they'll want to be there. >> where do we start? >> one of the fun things duke is have costumes for the kids. they can be indians and some could be pilgrims.
5:38 am
as soon as you put those hats on, automatically, the whole table has a party. >> let's eat. let's start with the turkey. >> the first thing i have is instead of chicken nuggets, turkey nuggets. you make them the same as chicken nuggets. we put them in meese metal tins and personalize them with stickers and labels. >> you can use wild rice. when you put one at each place setting, they're great. to make these cones, take a piece of paper and you kind of fold over one side and you're good to go. >> we got the turkey. now the stuffing. >> these are stuffing muffins. they're done in little cupcake wrappers and when a kim sees that, they want to eat it. put the apples in it so it's a little healthier as well. >> it looks like a cupcake, they'll eat it. >> turkey pot pies. if the kids won't eat the turkey, do turkey and
5:39 am
vegetables. make little pot pies. put one on each plate. they will love it. corn dogs. these are turkey corn dogs. they can easily buy them, but you make them. by making these little hats, i took wood napkin rings and construction paper and now they're mini pilgrims and the kids will want to eat them. >> this is a great centerpiece, too. >> absolutely. and the dipping 'causes can go in small pumpkins. ams are now the glass that you can serve the kids apple kreider in, which is really, really fabulous. >> they will love it. >> if you want to spike it up a little bit for the adults, you can use the proseco. that's the best. it's a perfect thing to serve alone. you can put it in your apple cider. it's great for the holidays. >> we're going to pop this open in 21 minute. >> every kid loves french fries. but you want to feed the kids
5:40 am
healthy food. these are carrots. you can have them raw or easily put them in the oven. that's the cutter that you can use. it's a really easy crinkle cutter. you can cut any vegetable out. put them with dip. you have them in the little pots with a greenery and the kids will want to eat them. >> the kids will love it. they will eat it and be at their table. the adults can enjoy their conversation. love it. thank you. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> moms and dads love you (this coming up, you know what we're thankful for this holiday? our next two guests. they are doing things to help serve this country and we can not wait to share it with you coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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5:44 am
here is something every american can be thankful for this thanksgiving. my next guest noticed a missing piece in the way we help our heros and he's going to fix it with some very special help from a very special person. we're joined by mark, the co-author of "13 hours," the inside account of what really happened in benghazi and his wife crystal. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> first off, tell me about the organization you started and who is not being served. >> she's come up with the idea for it, because of the things that we went through. shadow warrior >> when he was injured in benghazi in 2012, we really had no support, no help financially. so we wanted to reach out to other people and help. roughly 40,000 contractors and
5:45 am
40,000 spouses. over 100,000 children without help. >> right. now we showed that picture up there. that was when you were recovering after benghazi, right? >> yeah. that was me in the hospital in germany. >> so you still -- we serve you, the medical. we have the medical thing handled. but had you come back and he signs up, when you got home, what did you find out, crystal? >> after he was injured? >> yeah. >> i didn't have a clue. nobody called me. i didn't get a call. as a contractor's wife, you're not recognized. the children are unrecognized. that's what we want to change. >> right. so what is your organization going to do for the many contractors that have already served and will serve in this upcoming conflict? >> one is to give them a voice. and two is to provide that short-term support immediately for the families where a family needs to come out because their loved one is either injured or has been killed and there are so
5:46 am
think of because you're in that emotional state. we want to be able to provide for those things, either monetarily or through charity support like that. then on the long-term, you have, again, 40,000, 50,000 contractors that have been in the middle east over the last ten years and they need that long-term care, ptsd issues, all of that kind of stuff that no one talks about, no one looks at who these guys are and what they do. and they're the ones serving our country. >> benghazi, you're in the line of fire. crystal, what was it like getting this guy back on his feet again? he was pretty banged up? >> yeah. it was a journey. it was a tough job. luckily -- i'm just thankful to have him here. >> it's not over. i've got another operation coming up in january just to try to still work to make it work. >> was it good for you to come on this show and others after the book came out and talk about the incident?
5:47 am
was it good for you as well? what was that like doing 13 hours and being able to tell everybody what happened? >> it was really good. i think emotionally, it helped me a lot because it's frustrating not seeing the guys that were on the ground, ty woods, glenn dougherty, the ambassador, not being honored or recognized. this was a way for us as our team and us as a family to bring that out and recognize them that they should have been recognized a lot better than what they were. >> so if people want to help out and the contracts are going to play important roles as we look to take down isis and finish up in afghanistan, we go to information, the information on the foundation, and we'll have everything up there and people can help any way, anyhow. correct? >> absolutely. >> so they'll finally is a destination. >> yes. >> all right. thanks so much for coming in. congratulations on the success of the book. >> thank you very much. >> crystal, your first experience on television. you happy about it? >> yeah. >> the first is hard. the rest will be easy.
5:48 am
as and crystal, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, what's next for officer darren wilson? could he face a civil suit like o. j. simpson? bob massi covered the trial. he joins us live next. but first let's check in with bill or what's coming up on the top of his show before you join me on radio later. >> how you doing, brian? good morning to you. breaking news from ferguson on what worked overnight and what did not. rudy guiliani will take on the leadership we've seen in this crisis or the lack thereof. race relations. according to the white house and according to president obama in america today. also illegals will get taxpayer benefits. we'll examine why and why is chuck schumer saying the democrats blew it when they passed obamacare. we'll see you live in a few moments. great show from washington and new york city. top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll see you then. hey matt, what's up?
5:49 am
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even though the grand jury decided not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson, seen right there last night on abc, in the shooting death of michael brown, what about a civil case? could that move forward? remember the courts found o. j. simpson not guilty of criminal murder charges in 1995 when he was on trial for the murders of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. but later a civil court found him liable for their deaths. there was a big sum of money he had to pay and supposedly is still doing it and isn't close to paying it off. joining us is fox news legal analyst, bob massi, who covered the o. j. simpson trials closely. he joinses from las vegas.kvhp @ all right. so bob, do you see similarities here? >> apples and oranges. on o.j., it's a private cause of action, so the family sued o.j.
5:53 am
for wrongful death. nothing there could happen constitutionally. in this case, you're going to see a civil suit where the family is going to sue the municipality, that being the police department and the police officer as an individual for what we call a 1983 civil rights action and basically at that point in time, it's a completely different concept because you're basically saying that there were civil rights violations, in this case, probably the use allegedly of excessive force, and that lawsuit, i am sure, will be coming soon. >> so that suit is coming. but what about the fact that this grand jury out in ferguson, missouri looked at all the evidence, everything they had and said, there is not enough here to indict that guy? >> different burden of proof, of course. in a civil action, it's the preponderance of evidence. what they'll have to show here is that in order to prove this case, that this police officer
5:54 am
used excessive force. he is under color of state law. in other words, he was a police officer acting under the umbrella of the state, in this case, the municipality. here is what they do, steve. they have to be able to show it's no monday morning quarterbacking. they have to say objectively, if a police officer was in this position, were his actions appropriate? were they in fact appropriate based on the facts of the case? so the civil case will go a different path, but they will, in fact, i am sure, file the civil rights action. and under the law, steve, they have the right, if they prevail, to get attorneys fees, which is why the civil rights action is so -- it's used a lot in federal court. >> speak of federal, there is a federal investigation. eric holder was talking yesterday. i want to play a sound bite for you, bob, because it's curious the language that our attorney general uses regarding the violence. here he is.
5:55 am
>> it is clear i think that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators and those acts of violence cannot and will not be condoned. >> okay. he's not going to condone it. great. >> he is our lawyer for the country. he represents all colors, all race, all origins in this country. he should be saying, as my lawyer, okay, he's my lawyer as white man in america, he should be saying, these people should be prosecuted. >> absolutely. >> he should be saying that these people ruined good people's businesses, who may never recover in this country. instead he says we are pursuing a federal investigation as it relates to what happened. but oh, by the way, we can't condone. ticker tape parade at my place when this guy is gone. to say that as the attorney general in this country as if he
5:56 am
only represents one contingency is outrageous. and that's exactly why when he went there several months ago and made a statement, you make that statement as a private citizen. you do not make that statement while my tax dollars are paying for you as attorney general. you represent me as well as every other color in this country and i'm sick of it because this guy is as prejudiced as anybody else that walks in this situation! not that i don't have an opinion on this, by the way. >> i can see the frustration right there. you're not alone in that. clearly it looks like the attorney general who lawman, is being political. bob massi, we thank you very much for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> to you as well. >> a little before the top of the hour. what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? we want to hear from you cominge up next. k/#éhñ
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this is the site of our kitchen. we put our thankfulness up
6:00 am
there. we want you to send us your thankful nation. what are you thankful for? send us y e-mails and pictures. use #thankful. we'll share them tomorrow. >> that was your house? >> that was my house. bill: more arrests in ferguson. 44 arrested, bringing the total to 44 in two days. the national guard was brought in to keep things calm and that seemed to work. bill: good morning from washington, d.c., i'm bill hemmer. heather good morning to you in new york. heather: i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. for the most part police lines held. protesters were able to hold the


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